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New Carpainter: Saltflake Snow EP

Wonky future-garage producer Carpainter has a new two-song EP out on L25 Recordings, and you can hear both cuts above. The title track is an easy-going number, built for gentle nodding-along-to and sweetened by vocal samples and glistening electronic drops. It makes space for one bendy segment, but for the most part is an easy-going shuffler. He saves the loopier stuff for “Without,” a song full of criss-crossing helium voices.

New Maho Littlebear: “Too”

This is like catnip to me – Kyoto’s Maho Littlebear, who has made and been part of some really great music this year, puts a whole lot of electronic distortion on her voice for “Too,” and turns this digi cry into the base for a shifty floor-eyeing song, one where her vocals are static but the music around her is in constant flux. Yet the core of “Too” is warm – Littlebear’s singing about “too lovely girls” and “too lovely boys,” and this comes off as a mantra-like celebration. Listen above.

New PellyColo: “Island”

Dude doesn’t just need talkboxes and vocoders to shine, it turns out. Tokyo producer PellyColo – whose Temptaion EP from earlier this year does ’80s throwbacks right, and whose remix on Especia’s Gusto is one of the best songs of the year – has a new song called “Island” that is all gliding synthesizers and chubby bass squiggles, a disco-leaning track built for the dying days of summer (still going here in the capital). It’s a nice, squiggly number which you can hear above.

New Madegg: “WKAAFS”

The “about” section might be the most intriguing part of this – “WKAAFS” comes from Madegg’s forthcoming fourth album, release date unknown as of now. This song, complete with minimalist video, is a relaxing enough preview, swapping out the clitter-clatter production the young Kyoto native has favored for most of his career in favor of guitar plucks and woozy electronics. Listen above.

DJ WWWW Releases New Mix, Which Is Perfect For All Your Apocalyptic Needs

What, do you imagine, does a hellscape sound like? DJ WWWW presents his answer on the MIX: HDPC-UT(K:) mix, which pushes snippets of pop songs, movie dialogue and Japanese commercials against…what sounds like a city burning down while robots battle one another. Like his previous releases, he’s taking a lot of cues from the jarring mish-mash of Los Angeles’ E + E, but this latest one is a touch more focused on creating a specific mood – one of pure clanging bleakness. Which, hey, turn on the TV, makes this a pretty good mood match for 2014 in general. The first half of the mix is particularly intense – the first song is nothing but explosions and dialogue from the first-person-shooter Dead Space. A loose rhythm appears on the next song…along with a beat…but it is routinely punctured by static ripples and the sound of gunshots…before ending with a snippet of Coldplay performing “Yellow” live. The centerpiece, though, is F3, a ten-minute terror-affair featuring the sound of metallic clanging, glass smashing and people screaming…all while soundtracked by sad piano playing (and, uhhh, snippets of vaporwave). Imagine civilization ending, and it might sound like this (or a video game). Listen below.