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Sink Slow: Onmyodo Cassette’s Cyclical Return Compilation

Maybe you’ve had a hectic week, or maybe you would like to sink away for a bit from boy-band media circuses and just zone out. The global-minded Onmyodo Cassette label’s newest compilation, Cyclical Return, couldn’t surface at a better time, as it compiles skeletal songs from artists hailing from all over the world — though a majority come from Japan. The actual styles represented here are all over the place — the woozy electronic world of Metoronori follows an unsettling sample workout from Canooooopy, and later on a dusty-eyed guitar number from Boys Age. The unifying theme here, though, is that every song is pretty relaxing (well, save for Osaka producer Yullippe’s comp-closing “End Of,” which adds static feedback into the mix), from the acoustic loops of Seki Takashi to the wispy piano melodies of Straytone. Get it here, or listen below.

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