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アナ Prep New Album Hole, Also The TEI EP


Lodged somewhere between the chill waves of Hotel Mexico, the lo-fi beach party of Friends and the art-pop of The New House exists アナ(English-only folks, pronounce that “A Na”). They might be the most straightforward group on Second Royal Records, a trio not afraid to test out new sounds but that still come off as relatively safe on a label featuring more and more forays into stranger grounds. アナ have a new album coming out on April 24 called Hole and you can listen to a sampler above. The nine clips above highlight アナ’s slight tropical lean ala Halfby (check the strobing “Zombie” or the bongo-driven bliss out of “Summers”) or even Handsomeboy Technique. Yet Hole also sounds like cheery pop, shooting for a Phoenix-like groove on the laid back “夜は幻” and big goofy stabs on “Romantic.” End track “Planet” could probably soundtrack the ending of a drama program, preferably set in a park overflowing with cherry blossoms.

The group will also release a three-song EP alongside the full-length, highlighted by lead single “TEI” and backed up by “Summers.” Dorian also stop by to offer a remix of “TEI,” making it more presentable for use at a club from Miami Vice. You can hear previews of those songs below.