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99 Letters Has Like Four EPs Coming Out Next Month, Listen To Bits And Pieces Of Them Now

Osaka Game-Boy genius 99 Letters has been quite productive as of late. Well, at least according to some entries on his blog – dude has about four EPs due out in November. Let’s run ’em down, shall we?

– First up is the 3 A.M. and Boys Like Girls EPs out on November 10. Both of the headlining songs have appeared online in the past year, but 99 Letters graciously includes two new tracks to buff out these releases. The woozy “Shattered Dimensions” rounds out the 3 A.M. disc while Boys Like Girls gets a tune titled “Emotional Chip.” Listen to samples of all four bleepy-bloop tracks below.


– Seven days later, 99 Letters drops two more new EPs, the Insomnia and No Lady No Citizen discs. “No Lady No Citizen” has been kicking around since April 2010, finally getting a proper release more than a year later. The other three songs spread across this duo release are new to my knowledge, though based on the below preview finds him in his wheelhouse of merging 8-bit with traces of chaos.

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