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ABCDEFG’z: “くつのなかから”

ABCDEFG’z would probably have chalked up a winner even if they just rode out the Green Acres bounce of “くつのなかから’s” opening segment for about five minutes. Yet this clumsily titled band has too much pent up energy to stick to just one beat for an extended period of time so they bounce off into all sorts of criss-crossing directions here. The harsh vocals and general dizziness of “くつのなかから” would seem to lump ABCDEFG’z into the same trendy asylum as NOKIES! or Sorrys!, yet whereas those two outfits pour exuberance into backing shouts, these new guys get crazy on song structure. “くつのなかから” jumps all over the place without leaning on the usual bag of shouts and claps (though it has both) to convey “excitement.” And when ABCDEFG’z do give into yelping – as they do during a mid-song effects-heavy freak out and at the very end – the band doesn’t sound remotely cuddly. They let out semi-deranged screams more appropriate for Paranormal Activity than a nutso rock song. Maybe that’s why these dudes stand out. Listen here.