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Acoustic Meds: The Chef Cooks Me

I haven’t been to keen on The Chef Cooks Me up to this point because, despite being spazzy, never seemed to do anything interesting with it. Oddly enough, a really spazzy decision has now led to some of their most accessible and listenable music yet. For their new mini-album, the band has decided to go acoustic. Turning the power off doesn’t end up being a disaster, but rather a nice change of pace – their tunes now have more room to breathe. The spontaneous Los Campesinos’! shouts even standout more against a truly twee backdrop. The giddy-hop of “Young In Rags” or even the stripped-down balld “Our Page” just wouldn’t be possible using their usually cluttered style. I doubt they stick to this stripped down formula, so enjoy it while you can. A few samples can be found here.