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Ahead Of Their Time: 20th Century Girls

Beyond the name, 20th Century Girls come off like a study in opposing ideas. The duo of Aki-nyon and Maho Littlebear hail from Kyoto, a place full of great music – but not particularly where I think of for techno-pop (Osaka and even Nara would be more likely destinations for that). Yet here they are with the grooving, at-times squelchy tag-team affair that is “Furoedo To Yozakura.” It goes down smoothly, and isn’t the sort of maximalist pop most Japanese techno-pop actually is (Perfume being the obvious big stage example, though nearby outfits Nuxx and Root Thumm come to mind too), but a slinkier version that makes the moments of digital warble stand out. And, especially, there taking-turns vocal delivery, which adds a playful element to the song Listen below.