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Almost Vocal Studies: 虫のしらせ

No Music Station this week, so lets close the week with a wee look at an interesting little band.

虫のしらせ are kinda like that group of kids in your college dorm who decide to start their own a capella group, except far less terrible human beings. Mostly, this group (“Notification Bug?”) don’t designate someone as “beat boxer” and thank heaven for that. This band emphasizes the vocals, though, constructing a large chunk of a track like the DIY western theme “かえられの場” out of less-than-perfect singing backed up by drums and some minimal guitar. The formula falters sometimes…”幽霊ロマン” comes off like a capella-fest, the goopy guitar making an already melodramatic mess even sappier. 虫のしらせ can also churn out quality twee-dappled music if they want, as on the shrill-but-loveable “ウォールとホール.” Focus on the “all-together” now side of twee instead of the cuteness that word often conjures up (nobody will be confusing those vocals for “cuuuuute!” anytime soon) and you’ll find an enjoyable little tune. Listen here.