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Alphabet Soup: AVV And RGL Team Up For 001

Two producers who are fond of letters — AVV (And Vice Versa) and RGL (Rigly Chang) — team up for a split single released via fledgling label 4×0.2ss. AVV’s “The Forrest And Friends” shuffles ahead, featuring a mix of ghostly vocal details and a sturdy beat that makes sure it doesn’t get too unsettling. As the number progresses, though, those same voices turn ecstatic, and the song takes on a revelatory vibe. “Hey Girl,” RGL’s contribution, is more in your face — the sample is the first thing you hear, and only the dusty analog warmth wrapped around it hides anything. Eventually, it breaks into a funky groove, gaining steam for its near-seven-minute run time. The single also finds each artist remixing the other — RGL twists “The Forrest And Friends” towards warped lo-fi house territory, while AVV turns “Hey Girl” a bit woozy. Get it here, or listen below.