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An Open Letter To New House Regarding New Video “Disturb”

Dear New House,

I’m gonna cut right to it…what have you guys been up to recently? Did you enjoy the summer, maybe go to a summer festival or Tokyo Disneyland or just sit inside eating ice cream? That’s great, no reason to be productive during those hot months.

But now it’s the fall and you guys should pump out a new EP or album or something because all the little samples you offered up earlier in the year need to be fleshed out. The recently released video for “Disturb”…formerly known as “No Title”…only makes me (and I’m sure others) even thirstier for a new LP. One, because it reminds us of how awesome “Disturb” actually sounds and, two, because the video totally turns you into the Japanese Animal Collective. Seriously, you’ve guys got the hunched posture down, the flashing lights and the trippy colors going. Not to mention the music. It’s great…but we, and I’m not afraid to speak for whoever “we” may be, want more.

What I’m trying to say New House…you release a polished version of “Transparent Box” and you probably capture this blog’s coveted “Best Japanese Track Of The Year” award. Way better than ice cream, right?

Music Video “Disturb” from Kenji Hayasaki on Vimeo.