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And Back To Shoegaze: Anyo

Well, sort of. Osaka band Anyo’s music leans more to pure post-punk than shoegaze, but a few dreamier elements work there way into the group’s sound, including three new tracks (or rather clips of new tracks) recently uploaded to the Web hyping up an EP due in April. Recently posted highlight “水鏡” rushes right out the gate with some scrape-ey guitars before erupting into a chugging rock number more in tune with “alt-rock” (gah) than shoegaze. The eyes-to-the-ground qualities spring up on “白い夜,” a much slower piece. Guitars and drums wrap together as a series of “ahs” and “ooohs” float gracefully through the middle of this track. There is also one other track, but it’s not nearly as strong. Listen here.