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Remember when everyone thought Interpol sounded just like Joy Division, because Paul Banks kinda had the same singing voice as Ian Curtis? Remember how everything written about the band seem legally obligated to mention this? Remember when it suddenly struck you “wait a minute, Interpol really doesn’t sound like Joy Division?”

ANOTHER PERFECT PERSON, though, now here’s a band that sounds like Joy Division!

“Everything I Want,” off of the recently released EP of the same name, definitely comes closer to Unknown Pleasures than anything off Antics ever did. Boasting the same colorless stomp of Joy Division but with a more electronic touch, “Everything I Want” also sees Sumio Hirano’s vocals buried under the factory-line noise, adding to the general bleakness of the track. ANOTHER PERFECT PERSON might be a bit too gothy (read: obvious) about this all, and realistically they sound more like fellow countrymen PLASTICZOOMS than Manchester’s finest. Still, they have a knack for recalling that band, and “Everything I Want” is as good a stab at the JD sound as anything else. Listen here.