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Anywhere Is OK: Moscow Club’s “Daisy Miller Pt. 1”

Moscow Club’s official blog is a hodgepodge of English, Russian and Japanese (the latter being the language of their actual home country), an appropriate mix given their preference for the sort of indie-pop that transcends cultural barriers and goes straight for the heart instead. New track “Daisy Miller Pt. 1” further backs up this universal feeling via the hazy atmosphere of the whole thing, Moscow Club bypassing any sort of percussion for fading guitars and vocals that drift away, words coming out but run through such a dreamy filter that you can’t really tell what they are saying. Canopies And Drapes stops by to add some honey-sweet backing vocals, a nice touch to this, a very Radio Dept.-ish number. It’s the way everything just floats there…definitely helped by the lack of drums…that makes this such an inviting song, a moment frozen in time. Borders wouldn’t matter with this one. Listen below.

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