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AR30 Shares Summer Compilation Featuring Rigly Chang, Notuv And More

Here’s as relaxed a way to close out summer as you are going to find in 2018. AR30’s Late Summer Compilation 2018 closes out the season with a set of late-afternoon dance tunes, optimal for one last party by the pool (even if leaves are starting to muck it up). This easily could have been a chance to indulge in some beach-resort-during-off-season vibes, with sadder dance tunes, but AR30 opts to just have some fun instead. Rigly Chang channels New Jack Swing on their two contributions, one of which kicks this comp off on a particularly elastic foot. Takeda Soshi comes closest to nailing the overall feel here with “Autumn Poolside,” which approaches melancholy for the end of warmer times but uses its sparse melody to revel in what’s left. Notuv gets similarly spacey on “Hidden Things,” before pivoting right into skittery sample-sliced beats on follow up “Ultra Manic.” The end stretch is particularly joyful, embracing house euphoria (and, on DJ Badboi’s closer, lo-fi house). One last hurrah for the summer. Get it here, or listen below.