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Avec Avec: Plastic Soul EP

Avec Avec is the new moniker Takuma from Sugar’s Campaign goes under, a recent change coinciding with the release of his new Plastic Soul EP. Yet despite the name change, Takuma’s music remains virtually the same, bold-faced thumping beats sprinkled with sunny-day vibes. The highlight of Plastic Sould ends up being the same song that has been Takuma’s best in 2011 – the previously posted “Kuzuha No Sunday,” an absolute blast of glitchy joy filtered through a summer picnic. The two new tracks don’t slouch, though, and even show Avec Avec stepping into a few new directions as well. The title track plays like Cornelius making hip-hop beats, everything falling together just right (check the funky bass creeping in) and threaded by a glowing vocal sample. “Wind Scene (Takuma Remix),” though, finds him sticking his feet into two very different pools – this track messes around with dubstep AND chiptune, Nintendo noises bleeping off against that familiar beat. Skrillex it ain’t, as Takuma opts for restraint instead of rave-inducing electro spasm. Listen to the whole EP below, or download it here.

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