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Avec Avec Remixes Yun*Chi: “Your Song”

The steady influx of Internet-centric producers into the ranks of J-pop has been exciting to watch…check the Maltine Girls’ Wave project, or Tofubeats getting to shine further with Lyrical School, or Schtein&Longer’s work with Especia…but one guy who deserves a bit more room to work is Avec Avec. The Osaka beatmaker (and one half of Sugar’s Campaign) has worked with rising pop singer Yun*Chi before, creating two of the songs on her album from last year…one of which was especially a highlight. Right now, Yun*Chi turns to a lot of different producers for her songs…but the hit-or-miss quality of her music to date hints that maybe she could use a unifying sonic identity (and one not tied to Vocaloid producer k(z), who will always be the Vocaloid guy). This remix of last year’s “Your Song,” appearing on her forthcoming Starlight mini album begs for more Avec Avec. It’s a loopy rework done in the hyperactive fashion of Australia’s Wave Racer, boosted by vocal samples (dog bark! Jersey House signifiers! lots of voices!) that always keeps the song on its toes. A big improvement, listen above (and to the original below).