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Avengers In Sci-Fi Launch New Album, Give Us An Astro-Taste Of It With “Wonderpower”

Writing about Avengers In Sci-Fi rules because I get to break out (does blast-off work there?) all sorts of space jokes and it’s OK because the band seem to have no problem sounding as intergalactic as possible. The group just released a new album, Dynamo, last week and have put up a sample of track from this album, “Wonderpower,” on their MySpace. The whirling synths and bleepy-bloops at the start validate my point about sounding out-of-this-world, but the song does mark a slight departure for AIS-F as “Wonderpower” seemingly flirts with dance music ideas just as much as rock. It certainly takes some time to just pound ahead, but the pre-chorus chanting and the hook itself could be their “tech-rock” moment, all covered in shooting-star electronics. It’s definitely better than lead single “Delight Slight Lightspeed” which you can hear below.