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Baroque Remixes Thieves Like Us: “Forget Me Not”

Baroque’s original recordings are definitely worth seeking out, but the Tokyo based producer’s remix showcase his talents most prominently. His approach to reworking a song isn’t terribly complex – find existing song, beef it up considerably, voila. This works best when he tackled relatively anemic tracks, acting as a personal trainer and adding some muscle to it. When the right, too-thin song comes along, Baroque has the ability to turn it into a roomwrecker.

Enter…Thieves Like Us! This French-with-no-French-members trio dabbles in narcotic dance music featuring few frills. They have a song called “Drugs In My Body” which pretty much sounds exactly as you’d expect (druggy). On new number “Forget Me Not” the band branch out ever so slightly…they kinda sound like a more wasted Phoenix circa 2004…but still sorta just float on by. On his remix, Baroque injects something the original desperately needs…a kick…and transforms a wispy three-minute joint into a five-minute powershake of loud synths and actual pacing. Despite giving “Forget Me Not” a big makeover, Baroque still manages to leave traces of Thieves Like Us’ hazy style intact. It’s less Baroque making the song his own and more Baroque scaring it enough to start lifting weights. Listen here.