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Blue Satellite Remixes Kido Yoji’s “More Than Real”

Kido Yoji’s Call A Romance came out this week, and though you’ll surely see more words coughed up about it in the near future, I’ll give an initial review – you should buy it! One of the highlights from the Tokyo youngsters’ release is the sexy robo-flirtation of “More Than Real.” Japan finally has a “Something About Us” of their own. Producer Blue Satellite remixed the smooth-as-Vaseline tune, which you can hear below. He pumps the tune up a bit, moving away from the minimalism that makes the original mix so alluring in favor of something more likely to pack a dance club than lead to a long moonlit walk. Yet Blue Satellite keeps Yoji’s robotized purr intact, injecting this remix with the same elements that make the original such a turn on.

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