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Blurred Lines: Black Bass’ “LFP”

So what exactly is this? Black Bass are a musical collective that have been kicking around for a couple years now, hitting a stride in 2018 with the bobbing “Looop.” The constant use of rap hands in that clip might offer a hint where Black Bass see themselves, but the sound isn’t really anything you’d tie to any contemporary rap trends, falling somewhere between The Weeknd (read: “experimental” R&B) and, like, Yahyel (while “Looop” in particular sounding not far off from what W-inds have been doing as of late). Newest number “LFP” — from a pretty solid release of the same name — shows them continuing down this blurred path, which suits them best (compared to efforts at outright rap, which kinda feel flat). Black Bass warp voices — samples or their own — to create a song constantly teetering on collapse. The vocals opt for singing over rhyming, which fits the disorienting mood of the number nicely, and making the hook feel all the more claustrophobic once everything starts getting out of focus. Listen above.