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Bow Wow Wow This Is Good News! Three-Weeks-Old Lovesick Puppy Releases First Mini-Album

It has been a long time since we first wrote about the twee-tastically named Three-Weeks-Old-Lovesick Puppy. Now about a year and a half later she’s gone and released her first mini-album, the adorably titled Tickle Tickle. This six-tack album features a few new songs and some re-recorded versions of old Puppy tracks like the Three-Berry-Ice-Cream-evoking “Sweeting Garden” and “屋根裏ポスト.” The sample of “傘を貸して” finds indie-pop staples like bells and sweetly played guitar getting a subtle blast of lounge. Yet the most exciting inclusion on Tickle Tickle will probably end up being the previously celebrated “Stop,” an electro-tinged wave of twee vibrations. Don’t know whether it was given a makeover or if it’s the original take, but either way I want to hear it. Listen here.

Sorry about the headline by the way!