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BOYISH: “Cupid”

Japan isn’t facing a shortage of bands trying to recreate the sounds of 1986, plenty of young artists crafting dreamy twee-pop in the mold of The Jesus And Mary Chain. Throw BOYISH onto the every-growing heap of melancholy daydreamers – like Elen Never Sleeps and The Moments, BOYISH isn’t bashful in embracing his indie-pop love, his music sounding like a high-school notebook with Creation Records’ band names doodled on the front. BOYISH still needs to find a way to stand out from the pack, but “Cupid” is a good start. Whereas his other songs put to much emphasis on the singing – his voice gets a little too warbly at times, and detracts from the sounds around it – “Cupid” finds everything melting together into one lovely twee puddle. Like most of the outfits slipping into this sonic cardigan, the song is less of an evolution of dreamy indie-pop and more of a replica. “Cupid,” though, finds BOYISH nailing the sound just right for the first time. Listen below.

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