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Brain Drain: Koji Seto’s “Since Wave”

In general, YouTubers venturing into music has been a disaster. Nothing worse than an influencer treating art as another way to build their brand, but here we are in 2019! But that doesn’t mean a YouTuber can’t hit when they do release a song. Koji Seto mostly makes videos like this, or this, or uhhhhhh this. But he’s also dabbled in a lot of music creation on the channel, and in a recent upload Seto goes in to how he made his own synthwave song. And “Since Wave” actually holds up as a snackable bit of synth-pop. Simple for sure, but the gentle bounce and synth melody would fit in nicely among the dreamy reflections of Local Visions or the more playful Juscotech defined by artists like Boogie Idol. And it’s far better than a lot of the Liam-Wong-core retro stuff coming from people who watched Blade Runner once and fired up Garageband. This has bounce. Listen above.