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Breadcrumb Samples: PARADISE

Note: Pure Filler Image That Relates In No Way To This Post

As fun as it is to mock Japanese bands who thought a super-stupid sounding name riddled with random capitalization would be a good idea, I admit that those groups are at least easy to Google for. The group PARADISE…not so much. Even adding “Japan band” does nothing thanks to Tokyo Ska Paradise, and searching out their record label Never Echo doesn’t result in anything either. All I have to go off of is this page on Jet Set for their newest release, complete with some brief samples. With that disclaimer – these are just bite-sized morsels – out of the way, I’m interested in what I hear. Given the difficulty of dredging up info about PARADISE, you’d expect the actual sounds to be more “mysterious.” Nope – this stuff is pretty enjoyable indie rock. “Hong Kong Night” breezes by with uncomplicated guitars and dueling vocals, that navigate by one another just right so that it never becomes cacophony. The snippet of “魔性の女子” mostly just features an enthusiastic shout of “I don’t know,” while “Rainbow” repeats the titular word a bunch, in voices that seem karaoke-friendly. Yet that rawness and willingness to do weird stuff…see “Love Temple”…makes them sound a lot more daring than the plethora of J-Rock groups sticking to the easy path. Though these Costco-on-a-Sunday samples might not paint the full picture, they certainly intrigue. Listen here.