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Calm Looks Good: KSDR In Multiverse’s “Don’t Box Me In”

Note: After a bit of a vacation, we are back and aiming to post more in the near future! Thanks for your continued support of Make Believe Melodies.

Growing up and calming down doesn’t have to be a drag. Tokyo artist Kisadori has been active in making EDM-glazed dance tunes for the last few years, including a post-Kygo bid at turning Stevie Wonder into festival fare. That sound could be a bit tiring, caught between raving out and trying to turn already great pop into something that could take up a minute of a DJ set. Yet her newest song, delivered under the name KSDR In Multiverse, finds her slowing down and hitting on something far more affecting. On “Don’t Box Me In” she tries out a spacier R&B sound, one giving her plenty of space among the rumbles and synth notes to deliver sing-raps loaded with longing. This doesn’t just work because of its more melancholic approach to music, but also because she finds space to deliver more playful vocal touches (see the little cascade of syllables after the hook). Listen above.