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Canopies And Drapes Preview New EP Violet Lilly Rose Daisy

Canopies And Drapes debut EP Violet Lilly Rose Daisy comes out on October 5th, and you can check out a teaser clip of the four-song release right now. The project of former Nu Clear Classmate Chick, her new project’s first CD features the previously posted “Perfect Step” along with two new songs.

Oh…and a track I raved about earlier in the year. Back in February, Nu Clear Classmate posted something called “Sleeping Under The Maypole” to their SoundCloud page, and it was a wonderful inversion of the duo’s sound, loud turned soft with all the isolation expressed by the original noise retained in the more minimal structures. Then the group broke up in July, and sometime in August “Maypole” got pulled offline. Now it appears we know why…it will appear on Canopies And Drape’s debut, retitled “Sleeping Under The Bed.” It sounds virtually the same, save for what sounds like some lyrical changes. We will have to wait until it comes out next month, but here’s a release to watch. Check it out below.