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Canopies And Drapes Remix The Rapture’s “How Deep Is Your Love?”

Tokyo’s Canopies And Drapes, behind one of the year’s prettiest EPs, is now staring down The Rapture. She remixed that DFA group'”How Deep Is Your Love?,” a track many labelled a return-to-form and many astute YouTube users noted has a chorus sounding like “The Thong Song.” Canopies’ take removes the track from the club it was made to be in and whisks The Rapture away to the same dreamy, sorta frosted over world she created on Violet, Lily, Rose, Daisy. Luke Jenner’s vocals get submerged a bit beneath synths, bell chimes and beats, less a dance floor command like in the original mix and more like some stray thought. Favorite detail, though, goes to what CaD does with the other vocal touches, the “woo-hoos” and the “yeahs.” On the Soundcloud description, she writes that this remix is a Christmas songs. With all those bell twinkles, it makes sense!

It’s also an entry into DFA’s “How Deep Is Your Love?” remix contest.

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