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Classical Spazz: Riddim Saunter’s “Sweet & Still”

Indie bands using violins and other orchestra-approved instruments has been in vogue for a while now, long enough where the shock of seeing a cello amongst electric guitars has all but vanished. At first glance, seeing something called the “Riddim Saunter Orchestra” leads to assumptions that you’re bound to hear yet another wide-eyed group of kids singing about hefty topics. Thankfully, the orchestra in question is actually the spazzy rock band Riddim Saunter, who’ve employed the help of a string section for their song “Sweet & Still.” It never lags – think Jens Lekman only with a small orchestra instead of samples. If that doesn’t peak your interest, this hopefully should – Baltimore speed punks The Death Set dig Riddim Saunter according to their MySpace.