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CLAT Presents When I Was Holden Caulfield Featuring Half Mile Beach Group And More

CLAT is a part and collective based out of Tokyo, focusing mainly on techno and dance music, but also making a bit of space for more laid-back, sophisticated pop sounds. The latter is how I stumbled across the recently released When I Was Holden Gaulfield EP, a sampler of sorts of the crew, as Half Mile Beach Group provides a song to the four-song collection. Their contribution, “Galfy,” is a nice mix of the other-dimension vocal delivery they’ve played around with on other releases alongside a more up-tempo dance beat, with Zushi-born breeze blowing in every once in a while. It’s the highlight for me, but Takuya Asakura’s flickering techno on “You’ve Got Grey Kicks” and (espeically) the Radiohead warping drum ‘n’ bass “Idiotech” by Toitoi (how timely! Right as the world seems most bleak!) also stand out. Listen above.