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Comped Up: Bulbs Of Passion Very Best Of Bulbs Of Passion


Perhaps you read this Pitchfork piece on the decline of the greatest-hits album? It’s really good, one of the better (and inspiring) pieces of music writing I’ve seen in a bit. Anyway, none of it really applies to Very Best Of Bulbs Of Passion, a best-of from Japanese indie-rock outfit Bulbs Of Passion. This will not add any extra context to the Japanese indie scene of the last few years, or enshrine this project’s legacy. Nope, this is a different sort of collection — one serving as a final reminder that “yes, we existed, and made something, maybe you’ll like it.” As the name hints at, Bulbs Of Passion take cues from ’80s indie-rock stalwarts such as Dinosaur Jr. and The Pixies, and they did a pretty good job catching the fuzzy feeling of those bands, on up-tempo cuts such as “Stress” and the slower, shout-filled “GLD.” Maybe this band is just something you’ll hear and forget about…but maybe it can hit you in a different way, and at least there is a place to go to have that chance. Get it here, or listen below.