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Contradiction Done Right: Kenji Ishida

Kenji Ishida’s electronic compositions, dubbed “ambient experimental,” can come off as a little misleading. His bulging-at-the-seams tracks contain elements of ambient music – “Dizetrapolis” opens with a chilly synth line that remains frozen in place for most of the track’s time, while “Voyagers’ shoots for the same shiny candy coat Emeralds played with at various points on last year’s excellent Does It Look Like I’m Here? – but for the most part this is dance music. Really good dance music, though. Chilly “Dizetrapolis” eventually thaws into a bumping beat and some sunnier electronics. Ishida’s best moment comes on the rainbow-blast of “Akiba ’89,” a song that sounds like what you might think Tokyo’s geeky Akihabara district looked like in the money-rich 80’s. It’s all neon lights and never-ending pleasure, where no ambience besides “drunk on glowstick fluid” breaks through. Listen to that one below, and his other songs over here.

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