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Controlled Karaoke: 2009 In J-Pop Condensed Into Six Loud-Ass Minutes

YouTuber and apparently Internet famous guy (check those stats!) Hyadain recently released the 2009 edition of his annual “Japanese Song Battle.” It’s a six-minute mix of Hyadain covering snippets of popular J-Pop tracks from the recently retired year. The first thing you’ll probably notice about it is the brain-pummeling volume – turn the noise way down if you live in an apartment or have small children in the immediate area.

The actual musical content of this video isn’t particularly good – the hyper-paced dance take on all these J-Pop bits sounds more like what I imagined all Japanese music to sound like when I was in Junior High. That is to say, it all sounded like the soundtrack to a night of Dance Dance Revolution. Which is probably Hyadain’s point with this rapid-fire techno package. On the plus side, this thing offers up a fun game of “hey, I remember that song!” and will surely lead you to revisiting some 2009 tunes you forgot about this (I blanked on how nice this sounded). Not to mention Hyadain does the female singing as well, which is kind of crazy.


(Via Japanator)