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Controlled Karaoke: AC Japan Ad Gets Remixed, Made Awesome


The above ad seems harmless enough, just a cutesy Japanese ad complete with a little twinkly jingle thrown in. It’s the sort of thing that would pass by to most people, and might leave even less of an impression to Western viewers exposed to weirder 30-second fare like Hulk Hogan singing about the days of the week or this. Yet, as Japan Probe explains, this advertisement (technically a PSA) and a few others from AC Japan have been playing on virtual loop on Japanese TV for the past week. This has led to a lot of people expressing how annoyed they are by said spots, noting how “annoying” the sing-song of “Aaaa CCcccccccc” has become. Now you know what people living in Japan whine about on Twitter and Facebook.

Some have turned this constant public-service bombardment into art, though. The one below, found via the Japan Probe comments section, is pretty ace.


That’s…that’s fight music from Super Mario RPG right? Fellow childhood shut-ins, confirm because I’m nearly positive it is. The best I’ve heard yet though comes from Shirio Momo, shared to me by Tokyo’s Coolest Sound via Twitter. Dude splices up the ad and turns it into a pretty catchy two-step anthem.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]

(Unrelated rant: Maybe I’m just weird but I sorta like the above ad and all the other AC Ads popping up on TV right now. I understand why people complain about them – it sometimes feels like these short clips are the only thing on TV – but I feel the regular commercials are way stupider than any of these. Like, yeah these pop up all the time but so do a lot of really dumb ads that actually shill for stupid products. These at least teach manners or something. Maybe I’m just a softie because the one AC clip featuring the toddler who says “bye bye” to her trash is stupid cute and I fall for that stuff all the time.)