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Controlled Karaoke: AKB48 + Puppies = AKP48 Or WAHHHHHHHHHHH SO CUTE


So it has come to this. The massive popularity of AKB48 has spawned all sorts of parodies…remember the geezers?…but now the whole militia-sized pop group jokes reach peak Japanese-ness with AKP48. This collective of 48 different types of doggies forced to wear ugly sweaters, which means “Ah Kawaii Puppy” btw, stare blankly ahead and sometimes paw at…something…in their debut video above. AKP48 hit on the same “ahhhh cute!” elements so many people find in AKB48 and it’s various spin-off armies but without the horrible dirty feeling any rational individual should feel after watching the “Heavy Rotation” video.

This apparently isn’t just some YouTube spoof worthy of the “like” button…you can actually buy a single by this canine outfit. Like, for actual money. It’s up to you to spend the $4.53 on this thing though…that’s like three Coke Zeros people, that stuffs my lifeblood!