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Controlled Karaoke: Idol Group Dressed As School Girls Deliver Anti-Nuclear-Energy Song Of Our Times


Well, this is…something.

I don’t know much about Seihuku Kojyo Iinkai and Google ain’t helping…but this needs to go viral NOW. A goofy teenage idol group delivering an anti-nuclear-power song that does a lot at once. Let’s break it down:

1. The actual music sounds like “Walking On Sunshine” and/or that generic upbeat song you hear in every romantic-comedy trailer. Obviously, something so giddy is the perfect backdrop to sing about radioactive suffering.

2. The dance they do at the 1:31 mark, about the “words we never learned about,” is really really good, especially for “meltdown.”

3. “Aren’t you ashamed?”

4. OK, now the political side of this song. This might actually be the best anti-nuclear song in the wake of March 11…no, seriously. It helps that very few songs going beyond “recorded straight to YouTube” really emerged, but this peppy bunch actually make some decent points! The points about the government response aren’t farfetched and I think anyone deeply disenfranchised with politics in general can get behind the “politicians just do it for money and fame” idea.

5. Talking about nuclear power in the wake of the disasters is a sensitive issue, but to this group’s credit they are very open-minded about nuclear energy! You can live near a plant if you want, they won’t stop you but they think somethings amiss about it all. And, they actually touch on something that I feel was sorta lost in the entire radiation panic, expressed via the clunky line “the migratory birds in the nature don’t know about this danger.”

6. Seriously this needs to go viral, or at least be turned into an inspiring teen comedy.