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Controlled Karaoke: Watch A Japanese Queen Tribute Band Do Their Thing, Get Laughed At
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アップロード者 ropejapan2. – ウェブカムでもっといろいろな人と出会いましょう。

Let’s start by linking to one of Chuck Klosterman’s best articles ever, about tribute bands. Read it, then watch the video above of Freddie Eto & Queeness, a Japanese band that covers Queen songs and landed on some TV show recently. The band handles itself rather well – the lead singer, despite only looking like Freddie Mercury in mustache only, can sing pretty darn well and the playing sounds solid. Yet whatever show they are on seems to treat them like a joke – the panelists and crowd laugh a lot, and not just at the obvious albeit dumb moments (“hurr he took his shirt off and he’s not in shape hurr”). It comes off as a gag but…I don’t think it is? It could be brushed off as “Japanese TV loves to humiliate people” which can be true…but that one episode of The Simpson’s didn’t reflect all of Japanese culture, most shows aren’t like that. So yeah…this clip leaves me confused and a little sad for the band who are doing a pretty good job up their.

(Via Japan Probe)