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Controlled Karaoke: Wiz Khalifa Song Features A Beat By Tokyo Producer Bugseed, Does Not Actually Mention That Bugseed Produced It


The above song, off of rapper Wiz Khalifa’s recently released Taylor Allderdice mixtape, features a beat by Tokyo producer Bugseed from his 2010 album Bohemian Beatnik called “Travelog.” Listen to the original below:


Khalifa is definitely rapping over the Bugseed beat. Problem is, the track doesn’t credit Bugseed for the song, but rather claims Dope Couture produced it (Dope Couture, thanks to some Googling, appears to be a clothing store in Los Angeles). Bugseed pointed this out, and plenty of others have chimed in too. Dope Couture apparently knows about this, and is “completely bamboozled” about how this happened.

Which is nice and all, but Bugseed still hasn’t gotten proper credit…which isn’t right, ya know? So consider this another penny tossed into the void, trying to bring this more attention.