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Creepin: The Eglle

Tokyo’s The Eglle floats somewhere between the bad-weather pop of She Talks Silence and the gut-punching of Miila And The Geeks, and even then saying they fall between doesn’t seem accurate. Like the latter two bands, The Eglle’s music fills me with an unease that’s not easy to explain in writing – it’s not scary or dreadful, more like walking by a landmark you see every day and suddenly noticing a strange detail that wasn’t there before. See the group’s standout track “Swimming,” especially the moment midway through where The Eglle start singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” but the children’s song gets coated in just enough feedback to become unsettling. Or, a few seconds later, listen to the way the vocals turn into this unintelligible sonic blur. They have more songs available here – especially check the crawling “Perfect Of Triangle’s Balance” – but if you really want to feel a bit uneasy, listen to “Swimming” below.


Thanks to J-Rock Explosion for writing about ’em last week.