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DARK-EYES: “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”

Everything about DARK-EYES seems so simply obvious – an all-girl 50s/60s throwback rock band with a whole one song online. They wear matching outfits for crying out loud! I know everything I need to know about solitary tune “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” before I hit play, yet I still got caught up in the track’s easy catchiness. DARK-EYES really don’t do much twisting or turning here, mostly just riding out the same thrift store riff while singing “I wanna be your girlfriend.” They work in some slight verses and background chirping, but nothing remotely wild. Yet “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” won’t leave my head! It’s a recreation, sure, but one done so well it’s hard to resit. A catchy carbon copy. Listen here.