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DHL Crew Presents Digital High Life Compilation Featuring DJ Badboi, Kissmenerdygirl And More

Digital High Life is one of many great little parties scattered across Tokyo, with this particular gathering being part of a constellation of get-togethers featuring DJs and performers pulling from all kinds of genre to create something fun. Digital High Life Compilation offers a nice snapshot of this event, finding creators associated with Digital High Life (and, like, plenty of other releases we geek out over around these parts) sharing new songs. Some, like Boogie Idol, get really on brand by providing jingles for this comp, while producers such as DJ Badboi and DJ FFFTP create bouncy dance track drawing from a range of styles (the latter being a high-speed rework of “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”). Kissmenerdygirl comes through with a ridiculous bit of digi-horn assisted uplift on “Party (Edit),” while Firedrill comes through with a late comp blast of sunshine with the rollicking “Againagain.” Get it here, or listen below.