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DJWWWW Teams Up With Mukqs For Split


Here’s a nice moment of worlds colliding, facilitated through a third party (label Phinery). DJWWWW is one of the higher ups at the always absorbing Wasabi Tapes, and on Split he’s sharing space with Mukqs, the project of Max Allison, co-founder of Chicago’s Hausu Mountain (helpful article here). Fittingly, when the two come together, a lot of samples get sliced up, in all sorts of ways. Mukqs’s side opens with a very peaceful set of bell melodies, with a bit of skipping that makes it seems like you are watching a very old, very clear VHS tape. But it isn’t long before “Esc♡ha♡ton,” wherein a second-long snippet of a J-pop song melts into a chaotic puddle right in front of your ears. DJWWWW explores similar territory, from the sweet gestation of “Hikari No Wa” to the slow-burn cartoon collage of “Tokyo Metro.” There is also a song called “K-POP Anthem,” so you know this is worth your time. Get it here, or listen below.