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Double Cute: Tomggg And Night Tempo Team Up For “Suki? Suki!”

Korean producer Night Tempo has been a frequent to visitor in 2016, playing shows across the country over the past 12 months where he can showcase his take on future funk, one leaning on the funky sounds of ’80s Japan (which he’s happy to shout out). Now, he’s teamed up with Japan’s own Tomggg for a song called “Suki? Suki!,” one that finds a happy balance between the prior’s speedy dance reworks and the latter’s bell-heavy cuddle sound. “Suki? Suki!” enters territory that we wish more future funk makers would wade in to, which is to take their sample-centric music and add more original elements on top. Night Tempo flips a great ’80s sample, but what makes this work is how (presumably) Tomggg’s playroom touches add a new dimension to the music, and take it to a dreamy place. This isn’t simply refashioning the past, but building on top of it and finding a new angle on it. Listen above.