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Double Dose: New Songs From The Neon City And Anemone

As I prepare to sleep, here are two enjoyable bits of dream pop from artists who have been releasing great examples of this sort of blurred-edges music for a bit now. The Neon City slow things down — and embrace space — on “Day Dream,” a guitar-guided number featuring hazy vocals (which is to say, they have a little bit of reverb splashed on) and keyboard notes that sparkle as the song slowly builds up in intensity. Listen above.

Meanwhile, fairy-tale-like duo Anemone also slow down a bit on the fragile “Killing Me Softly.” It is a sparse piano number, where vocals seemingly slip out of time with the music only to reappear quickly. Of all the songs this project has put out so far, this is the most direct — just some piano notes, and direct singing. Well, and a nice finale. Listen below.