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Double Yr Pleasure: The PEGASUSS Remix HNC, White Scooper Get A Rework

Two great remixes for you – the first courtesy of The PEGASUSS, who has been on a tear as of late. This time out he takes a song by HNC (whose new album, Cult, comes out Dec. 2 i.e. tomorrow) and glazes it in neon. Which song, you ask? I’m not sure…The PEGASUSS removes the vocals, save for some far-off noises, and lets the rest of the track just glide along. Check it out at his MySpace.

Meanwhile, rock-shakers Whie Scooper have remixed…White Scooper. They’ve reworked their cowbell-heavy song “Jr.” and transformed it into a stuttering electro beast on “Jr. (White Scooper ‘Sin Tate’ Remix).” Where can you find it? You guessed it…MySpace.