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Dreamy Safari: Antelope

I wouldn’t associate the antelope with dream pop…I’d expect such a majestic beast to be associated with something a bit more stampeding, like metal or maybe dubstep if said critter felt particular dark one day. Yet, in the same way Beach House transformed the zebra into “Zebra,” Japanese band Antelope makes said animal and slow, starry music compatible. The band’s debut mini-album Aren’t We Alone dropped late last year (continuing with the antelope theme…them bitches be fast, this one got away from me), and the sampler available on their MySpace makes the album seem worthy of attention. Eschewing the shoegazey tricks most bands herded into this genre use, Antelope let the vocals stand clearly and keep the music subdued and swirling. The most intriguing song available by the band doesn’t even appear on their album – the wordless “sær” approaches full-on ambient territory, natural samples meshing with airy electronics. Strip Sigur Ros of all bombast, and you might get this.