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Dux Content (A.G. Cook And Danny L Harle) Remix Sekai No Owari’s “Moonlight Station”

In which a pair of producers who have long been accused of being insincere remix a track by a J-pop group who have been mocked for the complete opposite reason. I’ll spare you any thoughts about PC Music, and instead focus on A.G. Cook and Danny L Harle’s surging remix of Sekai No Owari’s “Moonlight Station,” which appeared on this year’s biggie-sized hit album Tree. Sekai No Owari are known for — and have been torn apart by 2chan — being deeply earnest, and while a close read of “Moonlight Station’s” lyrics reveals a teenage awkwardness, it is one of the better pop moments on that album. Dux Content keep the drama intact on their mix, and might even up it further with their flurry of synths and extra piano bounce — and like, big builds. Listen above.