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EeL Covers Ace Of Base: “All That She Wants”

In which pop-spazz EeL looks at all the people disappointed in the forced zaniness of last year’s For Common People by giving them something truly zany and out of nowhere, a cover of “All That She Wants.” OK, she probably didn’t pay any attention to the folks let down by her last album, but her take on one of Ace Of Base’s most popular tunes restores faith. It follows up her late-2011 single “Fuwafuwa Pink Jellyfishes Floating In The Sky,” which also saw EeL edging back towards a more enjoyable craziness. Her version of “All That She Wants” finds EeL singing the words in a way barely different from the original, but with the background gone wild. The music jumps from drum-n-bass inspired jittering to steel-drum accented portions back to the jittering. This is vintage EeL, jumping between aggressive and melodic segments but in such a way it still feels like a cohesive song. Watch the video below.