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Electric Fellows: Iivvyy’s (Kosmo Kat And Hvns) “Want You”

Tokyo producers Kosmo Kat and Hvns have orbited the same spaces for a couple years now, so the two coming together to form a new project isn’t totally out of left field. But the first song under their Iivvyy moniker surprises in just how effective it is in capturing what both artists do so well without any part being diluted in the process. “Want You” shimmies forward, marrying Hvns techno-leaning side with the wonkier electro flourishes of Kosmo Kat, most evident in the fat bass notes and the way voices warp around into new forms. A reductive way of saying it is Iivvyy turns the shiny off-center pop of Kosmo Kat into something more Resident Advisor friendly thanks to Hvns. Yet this (which, hey, I just thought up, so I’m my own target) fails to account for how smooth everything works together, even as the edges of the song reveal metallic spikes and uneasy flourishes. Listen above.