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Electronic Round-Up: And Vice Versa, Hiroyuki Tanaka And Fraqsea

As usual, a lot of quality songs appeared online over the weekend…here are some of the highlights.

— Osaka’s And Vice Versa has been a bit of a busy bee over the last month, releasing a handful of tracks. “Never Told Me” is the latest, and a skeletal one at that — it’s a slow-burning house number leaving lots of space (and hiss) around, which helps to underline the noises that do come through, and the ways they subtly transform over the course of seven and a half minutes. Listen above.

— Hiroyuki Tanaka is quickly becoming one of this blog’s favorite producers, what with his non-mastered dance numbers that bring to mind chillwave designed for an imagined nightclub. Since “Hot Sea,” Tanaka has shared several songs, but for this post lets focus on “Magical Mystery Vacation,” an acid-washed thumper going for nearly nine minutes…but, thanks to its faded sound, manages to sound engaging for all of that run time. Listen below.

— As sparse as the above but in a different way, here comes the latest from Fraqsea. “Sweating Bottle” is a near-ambient track, featuring just a bit of guitar and Fraqsea’s voice, delivering slightly defeated verses. Making it all the more painful are the electronic drones hanging over the whole song, adding an ominous air to the music. Listen below.