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Electronic Round-Up: Dubb Parade, Depthqueuing, Takuya Matsumoto And K BoW

Still riding high from the pair of Maltine Record’s events held this past Saturday, but already catching up on the feed. Here are some highlights from across the weekend.

— Dubb Parade released his latest set, 160 Diagram, and it finds the producer touching on a variety of approaches to juke. It stars off breezy on opener “Laidback,” a track that certainly earns its title, to the speedier pitch-shift workout of “Border.” Listen above, or get it here.

— The second song from fledgling imprint Shapes comes from the same artist who did the first — depthqueuing returns with the bright bounce of “Tenbyo,” one working in vocal snippets and a brief rush of 8-bit bubbles, but ultimately functions as a gentle bit of electro-pop. Listen below.

— Stepping away from the crowded and colorful — producer Takuya Matsumoto crafts a spacious bit of electronic music on “Chrome Cassette Tape.” The uniting factor of all three of these songs seems to be there general sense of easy-going-ness — Matsumoto is content to let the song drift on, all tension miles away. Listen below.

— Last, something much swifter! The list of “music to write about list” has gotten long and we are very behind, with one of the most glaring names on the back burner being Jersey House-leaning producer K BoW, who released a lovely set of remixes that you should snap up right away. Even more timely, he just released his remix of Cashmere Cat’s “Trust Nobody,” which adds some welcome energy to the original (sorry, Selena). Listen below.